We are a family run cafe, established in 2012 on the main street in Ayr. We pride ourselves on our coffee. Our blend is rich and smooth which makes it very popular for most locals morning caffeine hit. Our newest addition is cold drip coffee. Its hot up here and we wanted to give our customers the best flavor in their cold coffee drinks. Our iced latte's are to die for, or the more serious coffee drinker can go for a cold drip on ice (shaken or stirred!) 

However our breakfast and lunch menu is very delicious and increasingly popular. As is our cabinet food, whether its a toasted Chicken and Pumpkin Turkish, a Homemade Sausage roll or a Fresh salad we have some tasty lunch options, if you're on the road and need a quick bite. Or maybe you need an afternoon pick me up... we have a great selection of cakes, most of which are homemade. Our Apricot & Caramel tart is legendary!


Come and say 'Hi' to owners Nick & Suzy or any of our amazing team, we look forward to seeing you soon!


: Chill Parlour : Coffee : Breakfast : Lunch
: 139-141 Queen Street, Ayr, Qld, 4807 : Ph (07) 4783 6673 :